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5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Moving Company

Everyone would agree with the fact that moving houses does take a lot of planning and hard work. The physical act of moving and apprehension over settling in a new neighbourhood could take its toll on your stress levels. If you are someone who easily gets overwhelmed, hiring a professional moving company will soothe your anxiety level to a great extent. However, you will need to do your homework while choosing the right moving company so your move is smooth and easy. Here are 5 questions that you must ask the company and are guaranteed to place you in a better position while choosing the right moving services:


#1 How long will they take to complete the entire relocation procedure?


Some people wouldn’t mind staying away for a couple of days during their transition. But, most people would prefer to get over with the whole process of packing, moving and unpacking in a day or two. It depends on various factors such as availability of crew, accessibility, parking space constraints, distance to be covered and the size of your goods. So rather than fretting about the waiting period, it’s better to ask the professionals who have an idea about the expected duration.
#2 What are the wrapping standards followed by the moving company?


How well do you know that they can safely wrap your highly valuable items like chandelier or a glass top dining table? Stay clear of confusion and check with them directly about their method of packing sensitive and fragile items. Also, let them know if you have any special item which requires extra care while packing and moving.  As the saying goes, better be safe than sorry!


#3 Will they provide dismantling and reassembling services for your goods?


Bulky goods and home appliances like cots, tables, washing machine, dish washer and the like would require a lot of effort in dismantling them at your home, packing tham and reassembling at the new location. If you are looking for that kind of a full-service move, it is necessary that you check with the moving company to figure things out.


#4 What extra services do the moving company offer?


What kind of add-on services are you looking for? Discuss your questions and concerns with the customer care executive of the moving company.  Most of the companies offer insurance policies for your belongings. It can be either total loss or fully comprehensive insurance. The terms and conditions of the potential moving company have to be read carefully before you confirm your deal.


#5 Does their relocation packages provide unpacking services too ?


With an additional charge, most of the companies provide unpacking services at the destination location. It typically includes unpacking the moving containers and boxes at your new location. It’s important to confirm whether they provide such services within the package. Some people may not prefer this as they could end up searching the whole area for their misplaced item. But if you wish to avail that service, you will have to figure it out beforehand.

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