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20 Tips for Making Your Move an Easy One

If you plan things right, moving can be easy and fast. Here is a rundown of the packing and moving tips which will give you an added edge for making it smooth and efficient.

  • Do your research and make a list of potential moving companies for hiring. Once the deal is confirmed, discuss your special requirements with them in advance.
  • Decide on the time and date of moving and make an action plan.
  • Identify all the household items that you need to take along with you to the new location. Plan for a garage sale or a moving out sale to clear out the unwanted stuff. Donate them to charity or discard them.
  • Sort out your personal items such as clothes and stationaries beforehand. At the time of packing, you would probably rush through them and chances are high that you miss something you badly need.
  • Change your postal address and make arrangements for transferring your telephone, internet and basic utilities.
  • If you are moving with kids, then hire a baby sitter to take care of your kids’ needs.
  • If you need help with dismantling and disconnecting the appliances, get it done well ahead of time.
  • Keep all your goods ready to be packed before the movers arrive. For instance, your refrigerator would need a lot of emptying, cleaning and wiping before it is packed.
  • You will need a lot of moving supplies like containers, cardboard boxes, tape and markers. Most of the moving companies will provide you with the moving supplies you need.
  • Glass items and other fragile items would need extra padding while packing them into boxes. Stock up bubble wraps and soft clothes to be used for extra protection.
  • Do not use newspaper for covering delicate items. The print may not go off even after washing.
  • Carefully label the boxes with its contents once you finish loading them. It comes handy while unpacking. Also count and get the total number of boxes.
  • Make sure that the furniture is all covered in moving blankets. It will help in preventing scratches and dents.
  • Keep all the electrical cords fastened so that they don’t get tangled.
  • After loading all your boxes into the truck, whiz around the home to make sure that you have not left anything unattended.
  • Keep all the documents such as insurance policy, contact details and receipts handy.
  • Clean your new home before you move in. If you can’t make it, hire agents to work for you.
  • Make sure that you are there before the movers start unloading. Or you can entrust someone to give them directions to unpack the stuff.
  • After unloading the truck, make sure that all your boxes have arrived by taking their count.
  • Reassemble all the major goods and home appliances and confirm they are working fine. Make arrangements for a service technician in case if you need assistance in reassembling the appliances and goods.

Take your time and make yourself comfortable in your new home.

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